We are a company mainly devoted to the design and manufacturing of machinery for corrugated flanges production. We also manufacture and sell all kind of reels & drums and some special accessories related.

Our Vision

Family owned business, founded in the early 1970, we are the world leaders for corrugated sheet metal coil production systems. Our modern factory is managed with lean engineering process in order to get the best from his highly skilled working force.

Our goal is to offer the most advanced reel  & drums production systems available, superior technology and revolutionary benefit.


Production plants are located in Spain as well as in China. Our modern manufacturing equipment allows us to produce the standard production range shown in this site as well as any special design desired by our customers.


Our technical department with the valuable help of our customer improves every day our existing product range to adapt it to the new needs and technologies.


We are proud of our constant endeavor to maintain the highest quality of our products and with this purpose we have organized a specialized quality assurance department to control the complete production cycle.


Technical service and support is guaranteed if necessary over the world in order to meet our customer requirements and to guarantee the conformity of the goods ordered to their specifications.