SD Reels – Final Processes and Transport

Used on cable manufacturing final processes and transport.

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    SD Reels – Final Processes and Transport

    Ribbed flange reel, commonly used on cable manufacturing final processes and transport, including drumtwister operation. It is used for reinforcement mat manufacturing too.

    Manufactured with ribbed flanges, this special design and construction guarantees reels a long life being at the same time light and robust. Each ribbed flange is made of one piece avoiding welding of com-ponents and the risk of deformations. The ribs are designed to obtain the maximum possible flat surface in contact with the cable to be reeled in order to avoid damages to the cable, nevertheless the strenght of the ribs guarantees the maximum resistance.

    Painted according to customers specification. Galvanised finishing is an option.

    These reels can be manufactured in two versions: light and reinforced. Reels can be “tailor made” to customers requirements.

    This reel is manufactured according to DIN 46395 or any equivalent international standards like ASTM, BRITISH ST, AFNOR, etc.

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