Pallets for reel storage and transport

Pallets for reel storage and transport
Pallets for reel storage and transport

Present space saving needs both in warehouses and transportation of all types of reels make the use of pallets a must.

Pallets are made of steel tube. Main feature of our pallets is the protection of both the reels to be stored but also the product contained on the reels. Reduction of setup times.

Painted in any colour or galvanised.

The pallet manufacturing range is neither limited by sizes nor by reels weight. We design any kind of pallet having in mind the optimisation of space for normal means of transport (trucks, containers, boats, etc).

Pallets for reel storage and transport

Moviroll – Roll pusher for wire reels

moviroll MRE

battery driven models

Moviroll MRE offers the advantage of free movement without the constraints of pneumatic connections or electrical cables. It is equipped with a 24 V DC IP 44 brushed motor powered by a high performance and plug&play 24V lithium battery.

Two different design models available to suit any kind of application need.

  • 60-120 rolls handling with only one battery charge (1-5 shifts)
  • Rapid battery recharge (max 4 hours)
  • Long life battery (about 500 recharges)

moviroll MR

pneumatic driven models

Moviroll MR uses the power of a high quality pneumatic gear motor powered by pressurized and lubricated air at 6 bar.

Movirol MR is designed to offer the highest performances and to keep them unchanged over time.

  • high performance motor
  • Compact, handy and heavy-duty
  • safe activation of the rollers only at load applied

Moviroll MR is available with straight handle and curved handle ‘S’.